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Upcoming Events

Our weekly events shift quite a bit depending on the coaches and what the members want. It's a blend of consistent access to reliable coaching, executive function support (body doubling, to-do list support, accountability),  and specialized workshops & courses. You also might find a "show us your most recent hobby or hyperfocus" open mic night, a Dance the Dishes Away party, or a book cub (so we actually read some of the books we collect).  Nervous about showing up? Click Here to see our intro video. 

Here's what's currently on the schedule:

Event Descriptions: 

Dylan Alter, JD, AACC, CACP of Alternative ADHD is offering a free group ADHD coaching series of 8 sessions for Neuroqueer members!. The next round will begin May 11th at 9am PST (hopefully to be more accessible for east coasters’.) Be sure to RSVP quickly because the group is limited to 8 folx.  


Our resident Business Coach Slam! Has been doing regular monthly Office Hours and the Neuroqueer members have been raving about them. You can also seek out Slam! For 1:1 or group coaching. Contact them at


Morgan Vanderpool is starting Breathe2Belong: a 10 week skill-up experience centered in body-based, breath centric and relationally focused co-liberatory practices. The start date is Tuesday 4.9.24, 7-9pm PST, and will run every other week til 6.18.24. Morgan is also offering a number of accessible enrollment options and discounts. Find out more at


Recombobulation Time With Ethan! My home usually seems to be in some disarray, and body doubling really helps me. During this time, I'll be washing dishes, wiping down counters, sweeping, folding laundry, that sort of thing. Come hang out with me and work on whatever needs your attention. The vibe can be whatever the folks attending need it to be in the moment. Want to chat and hang out and be social while we do stuff? Cool. Want to set a timer and put ourselves on mute and not talk as much? Also cool. Also, if you'd like to attend and the time doesn't work for you, let me know! My schedule is pretty flexible. (The event name is inspired by the Recombobulation Area just after security in the Milwaukee airport.)


To Do List Support, With Katherine! Do you have a to-do list that's longer than a roll of TP? Do you make lists and abandon them? To-do Lists require a lot of executive function, and they're only going to help if we make them in a way that works for us. In these weekly sessions, we'll use a neurodivergent modified version of the Get Things Done method to help us plan our week. We work towards building a trusted system for our to do list, that we can come back to weekly. We'll prioritize what we want to get done and anticipate the monkey wrenches to set ourselves up to feel less stressed and be more successful through out our week. #CoWorkingBodyDoublingAccountability


Study Buddies: Do you need to do homework before a deadline? Have an online class you signed up for but haven't touched? Us too! Let's get our study session on and feel great about having gotten it done and made progress.


Digital Declutter, With Ethan!  Do you have a million tabs open? Is your desktop a sea of untitled screenshots? Are there apps you scroll past every day that you haven't used in years? Join us and bring a little calm to your digital life. We'll check in a bit as people arrive, and then work in 5-20 minute chunks on both smaller maintenance tasks and bigger decluttering projects. (I'll have a list of ideas to choose from if you're not sure where to start.)


Money Dragons:  Twice Weekly Meeting (Tues & Fri) to tame your money dragons with a rotating NeuroQueer member host Click the meeting link or join via the Co-work Cafe - see you soon! This is a mostly body doubling event with a brief chat at the beginning to share a low stakes dopamine and what you're working on. You are welcome to stay the whole time and recap how it went in the last five minutes with us or leave silently and share what you got done in the chat before you leave. Join us to conquer our money dragons in community!


Co-Cooking: With Quentin! What's for dinner? If you struggle to answer that question, you're not alone. Food can be challenging for us for reasons ranging from the interoception it takes to know we're hungry to the executive functioning required at every step. Join us as we figure out what we're eating and then make food together. Eating food has been linked to numerous health benefits, including continued mitochondrial functioning. Disclaimer: host knows next to nothing about cooking. This is a space for support and body-doubling, not teaching.

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