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Are you looking for ADHD or Autism support?
This isn't another app. It's not AI. It's not off the shelf advice to "Get a planner" or a Tiktok that gets forgotten. 
We're Serving Realness

This is an online community for LGBTQ adults with ADHD and/or ASD to get support from peers and coaches. 

Real people helping each other with real problems: Managing focus, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, Time Awareness, Organization, Task Initiation, Working Memory, Overwhelm, Planning, Inattention, Impulsivity, Emotional Regulation, Routines, Rigidity, Stress & Anxiety, Self-Care, Relationships, Access to Diagnosis, Communication, and more. 


Who is this space for?

Queer and LGBTQ adults who are neurodivergent.

It's ok if you're questioning.

If you're wondering "Am I queer enough?" or "Am I neurodivergent enough?", the answer is: Yes, this space is for you too.

Come on in fam. 

Who knew there were so many of us?! There's been an explosion of awareness about the overlap between the Neurodivergent and LGBTQ+  populations. Yet most neurodivergent support tells us to act "normal", or mask, like a straight, cisgender, white, Americans. 

So yeah, thats not going to work. 

Queer Community Is Support: 

From the Houses of the Kiki Ballroom Scene, to the sisterhood forged in Lesbian Bars, Queers have experience creating home and family in a world not built for us.


This is a space to feel seen & celebrated, not clocked.

It's a place to own your mask instead of being weighed down by it.


In Queer Theory, to "queer" something means to disrupt the limiting heirarchies and binaries that exclude and oppress parts of ourselves; to play with it, to disrupt the industry standard; to make it weird. 


We've spent years "Queering" things to make room for ourselves,  now we're doing that with Neurodivergence. is an online platform community, a place to get queer-competent ADHD Coaching and/or Autism support from peers and coaches.  We can build accomodations for the obstacles and challenges of being neurodivergent, and embrace the benefits simultaneously. We don't have to do it alone. 

Community Membership

  • A community of folks to relate to underneath the mask. 

  • Access to a referral network of competent coaches, therapists, and other support providers. 

  • Monday To-Do List Support

  • Wednesday Workshops for education and executive function skill building.

  • Support Check-ins

  • Body Doubling and Co-working

  • Special Events: 

    • Taming the Money Dragons​

    • Meal Planning Support

    • A Sorted Sundays: Tidying & Organizing

    • Special Interest Open Mic

    • Crafting & Hobbies

  • ...and more!! ​

Trained LGBTQ+ Neurodivergent Coaches & Mental Health Professionals
Rainbow Socks

Not sure what coaching is like?

We got you!

Thanks for submitting!

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