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Meet the Coaches

Our core team of Neurodivergent and LGBTQ Support. 

Interested in coaching with us?

Many of us joined NeuroQueer because we were tired of coaching in isolation. NeuroQueer provides support and community for coaches, as well as clients. We work together on professional development to ensure we're providing the best coaching possible to our clients. 

We know cooperation and collaboration are the best ways to support ourselves, and our community.  


Tell us a bit about yourself, your coaching and how to reach you. 

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Queer Coach Directory

Tianna Arredondo (they/them)


Morgan Lee Vanderpool (they/them)

Rowan Levy (they/he)

KJ Kelsch (they/them)

Shelly Lyons, MS 

Free 30-minute Consultation – Book Here


Kat Roubos, LCSW (they/them)

510-467-0647 - please leave a voicemail with a phone number

Fee: $200/session - not in network with providers but provide superbills

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